2 Things That Must Be Done To Convert Your Minivan Into A Handicap Minivan

If you are looking into converting your regular mini-van into a handicap minivan, then there are certain things that must be done. Thankfully, all of these conversions are possible with most minivans, allowing you to turn almost any regular minivan into one that can safely and properly load and unload a wheelchair. Here are two things that must be done in order to convert your regular minivan into a handicap minivan. 

Van Ramp

One of the most important things to install into your van to make it handicap accessible is a van ramp. The two most common locations for this ramp are either on the passenger side of the van or in the rear. Both locations work well, depending on where you would like the wheelchair to be stored while driving and where you would like the person with the wheelchair to sit. If you want the wheelchair stored in the back of the vehicle, then a ramp in the back is your best option. However, if you are fine with it being stored in the middle, then a passenger side ramp is an excellent option. To install this ramp, you simply need to connect it to the floor of your minivan. Since the ramp is automatic, it unfolds and refolds on its own, with the click of a button. This makes the installation and usage of the ramp very simple. 

Wheelchair Restraints

If the person that you are transporting must be kept in their wheelchair even when traveling, then it is crucial that you have the proper wheelchair restraints installed inside of your minivan. Wheelchair restraints can be connected at the top with a regular seatbelt, but floor anchors and restraints must also be used because they don't have an actual car seat to sit in. The floor anchors are installed in the floor of your minivan and often times need to be installed by a professional. These restraints act as a seatbelt to the person in the wheelchair, thus allowing them to travel safely in your vehicle. 

If you are converting your regular minivan into one that is safe for someone with a wheelchair to ride in, then you must install a ramp for them to use to enter and exit your minivan. You also need to make sure that the proper wheelchair restraints are installed so that they are safely secured in your van when the van is in motion. To learn more, contact a company like Lone Star Handicap Vans