Important Maintenance That Will Keep Your Car Running Properly

Maintaining your vehicle is essential, and there are some regular maintenance items that most people remember. Still, there are some minor items as well that often get overlooked and can be crucial. Taking the time to address these items can help keep your car running and ready when you need it. 

Brake Fluid

Brake system inspections are a common part of car maintenance on most cars and trucks, but the brake fluid in the system is often overlooked. Brake fluid absorbs moisture over time, and this can cause the boiling point in the fluid to drop, the inside of steel lines to corrode, and the fluid to be less effective. 

Flushing the brake system with new fluid should be done every thirty to forty thousand miles to keep it in good condition and protect the inside of the brake lines, cylinders, and calipers from corrosion and rust. A brake service center can flush the entire system for you and suggest an upgraded brake fluid that will last longer when they refill the system. 

Battery Connections

The battery terminals on your car's battery can corrode over time and need to be cleaned. Removing the terminals from the battery and brushing them down with a wire brush and a baking soda and water solution will neutralize the acid and corrosion on the terminals and restore the connection between the battery and the terminals. 

While this might not always be part of regular car maintenance, it is good to check the terminals and clean them when they need it. Clean battery terminals will promote better starting and better charging of the battery and extend the battery's life in your car. 

Tire Air Pressure

While tire rotation and air pressure checks are standard during car maintenance, tire pressure is often neglected in that time between each service. The air pressure in the tires can affect the way your car handles, the fuel economy, and the tire wear over time, so it should be checked regularly. 

In the past, the air was checked by the service station when you came in for fuel, but those days are gone, so you now have to check the air yourself when you fill up with fuel or maybe every other tankful. You can get a small tire gauge at any auto parts store and keep it handy so you can quickly check the tires if needed. 

Many tire shops will check the air pressure for free as well if you ask them. If you are not comfortable checking it, stop in at a local shop and see if they can check and fill the tires for you. 

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