3 Features Necessary in a Towing Company

As the owner of an auto repair shop, you likely need the services of a towing company on a regular basis. Here are a few important features to look for when choosing a towing company for your auto repair shop to work with:

Service Packages

One important feature that the towing company you decide to work with should offer is service package options. If you know that you'll need to have a certain number of vehicles towed on a weekly basis, you should be able to purchase a service package that includes those towing services so you don't have to schedule separate tows every single week.

Or if you want to purchase a certain amount of tows each month, you should be able to purchase a package that includes the number of tows and the mileage allowances that you need. So if you're in need of ongoing services, you can enhance convenience for your repair shop overall by making sure that the towing company you decide to work with offers service package options.

A Referral Program

Some towing companies offer referral programs, and to take advantage of that could help you drum up some extra business for your auto repair shop throughout the year. In exchange for a small fee, the towing company can refer customers to you who call them for tows after their vehicles break down. Many times, towing customers don't know where to take their vehicles for repairs, and they'll rely on the towing company they call to recommend a place to go to.

When that happens, your towing company can refer them to you and tow their vehicle right to your facility. This can dramatically increase your workload on a weekly basis when all is said and done. So find out whether the towing company you hire offers a referral program. With any luck, you'll be able to create a long-lasting partnership that benefits all parties involved.

Timeline Guarantees

When you assure your customer that you can have their vehicle towed to or from your repair facility, you need to be able to rely on the towing company you're working with to work within those timelines so you can keep your customer happy. If the towing company says they can complete a tow for you within the hour or within a day or two, they should be able to guarantee those timelines so you can relay them to your customers with confidence.