Three Things To Remember When Washing Your Car In Colder Weather

When you think about washing your car, you probably picture yourself doing this on a warm sunny day when it's nice to be outside. While spring is just around the corner, there are still plenty of cold days ahead. If your car is dirty, though, you probably don't want to wait for warmer weather to wash it. Here are three things to remember when washing your car in colder weather.

Keep an Eye on the Temperature

Experts recommend that you wash your car every two weeks. Of course, this can vary depending on where you live, how often your drive your car, and how easy your car gets dirty. The main point is to wash your car on a regular basis, which can be tricky when the weather turns cold.

When it is colder outside, you should make sure the temperature is at least 40 degrees. This will reduce the chances of your doors and windows freezing shut. It's also a good idea to wash it earlier in the day before the temperature drops in the evening.

Make Sure Your Car Is Completely Dry

After washing your car in colder weather, you'll want to make sure your car gets completely dried. When you are drying your car, be sure to leave the doors open, which will alleviate the chances of them freezing shut due to trapped moisture.

You'll also want to dry your car by hand, which is the best way to remove all of the water off your vehicle to prevent it from freezing. It's also a good idea to start your car and let it run for about 30 minutes before and after washing and drying your car.

Choose the Right Kind of Car Wash

If you don't want to wash and dry your car with your own hands, you can always take it to the car wash. In colder weather, you can't just take it to any car wash, however. A touchless car wash might not work as well in colder weather. If you opt for a soft touch car wash, you will probably still want to hand dry your car afterward.

One of the best options for washing your car in colder weather is taking it to an express car cleaning service where they will know exactly how to wash and dry your car without having your vehicle freeze up on you. As an added bonus, they can even clean the inside and detail it as well.